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TP-Link Omada Controller on Docker in Synology NAS

Recently I a TPLink C200 router and an EAP Wifi6 Access Point. To run these in Omada cloud router mode, I decided to install the Omada controller software . Since I already had a Synology NAS, I decided to go the route of installing the controller as a docker container in Synology NAS.

The docker image to use was Mbentleys latest 4.3 image at that time available here

When Creating the Container, the Advanced Settings were defined

====== VOLUMES ======= LOCAL FOLDER CONTAINER PATH docker/docker_data/omada-data /opt/tplink/EAPController/data docker/docker_data/omada-work /opt/tplink/EAPController/work docker/docker_data/omada-logs /opt/tplink/EAPController/logs === ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES ==== MANAGE_HTTP_PORT=8088 MANAGE_HTTPS_PORT=8043 <- The NAS IP and This Port will be used to access GUI PORTAL_HTTP_PORT=8088 PORTAL_HTTPS_PORT=8843 SHOW_SERVER_LOGS=true SHOW_MONGODB_LOGS=false SSL_CERT_NAME="tls.crt" SSL_KEY_NAME="tls.key" TZ=Etc/UTC
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Container was started and the GUI is accessible on NAS IP at port 8043

Next Steps – Watchtower

Plan on following this tutorial for Watchtower and Portainer LINK