Proxmox recover a failed VM with CEPH disk to another VM

A Shortcut method !

  • Available Host – host0
  • Failed host – host1
  • Failed VM ID – 121 – scsi – disk 0 has the

Identify an available VMID that can be used in the cluster. (VMID not already allcoated to any existing VM) – SAY it is 141

ssh root@host0 cd /etc/pve/nodes/host1/qemu-server ls -al cp 121.conf ../../host0/qemu-server/141.conf rbd --pool cephpool1 mv vm-100-disk-0 cephpool1/vm-141-disk-0 nano /host0/qemu-server/141.conf # Update the relevant scsi line with new disk name # scsi0: cephpool1:vm-141-disk-0,size=21G
Code language: PHP (php)

Check the VM 141 Hardware properties to see that the VM name is correctly reflected